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Carrot Noodle Salad

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Tossing a bowl of chopped or spiralized raw veggies with fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, vinegar and a few shakes of some spices, turns into a flavorful dish. I usually just add a little of this and that, and taste until I like the flavor. Sometimes the juices will be a bit to tart/sour so I will add a little honey or pure maple syrup to balance it out. The family tends to go through phases of eating lots of raw ingredients and then cooked, mostly due to the season but we definitely need to include more raw into our meals. I have become a huge lunch/dinner bowl muncher by mixing up what ever vegetables, fruits, grains or legumes that are in the fridge and tossing them into a bowl. It seems to be the most satisfying and easy meal. Plus it cleans out the fridge!

When the weather warms up this salad bowl is just so refreshing. IT can be a great side dish, starter dish, lunch or straight up dinner. I have found that this salad is best soon after it is made and the next day.  I recommend that it does not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 2 days. So without further ado, this quick fresh salad bowl will tantalize your taste-buds!


raw chick pea salad #2



1 can of organic chickpeas or 2 cups
2 large carrots (2-3 depending on size)
1 large organic cucumber (cut in fourths – slice in half, then slice again in half and chop)
1 cup chopped bell pepper (optional)
1/4 cup organic edamame (optional)
1/4 cup finely diced onion
1/3 cup fresh chopped cilantro
3 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 1.5 lemons)
1/2 teaspoon chia seeds or sesame seeds

Ingredients for the first dressing:

2 tablespoons white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1/4 teaspoon dried dill
1/8-1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

Ingredients for the final dressing:

2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons local honey


raw chick pea salad



Pour and whisk all the ingredients for the first dressing in a small bowl.

Using a medium sized bowl, add the chickpeas, onion, chopped cilantro, bell pepper (if using), and the chopped cucumber.  Pour the dressing into the bowl, mix thoroughly and set in the fridge.

Using a spiralizer or gadget of choice, curl the carrots and remaining cucumber into noodles and set aside.

Using the small bowl from the first dressing, whisk together the rice vinegar and honey.

Pull out the bowl from the fridge and add in the noodles and pour the final dressing and mix well.  Top with chia seeds or sesame seeds and enjoy!


Lunch and Snack Ideas for Kids

During the school year and the summer break,  I rely on some of the favorites picked by the kids to keep well stocked, which means batch baking, dicing and slicing. I also like to try new recipes to change things up a bit. The list is ever evolving and changing, so be sure to check the Kids tab for new ideas!  Everything I have on my blog are recipes that are consumed and liked by my family, kid approved! What is wonderful about these choices is they work for lunches and/or snacks, and are not filled with corn starch, corn syrup, oil, refined sugar, white flour, bleached flour and the many non food ingredients found in most packaged items. I will say we do have our occasional packaged pretzels and Late July crackers in the pantry, there are far worse options than those. Sports are a large component of our family, so I keep these, along with lots of fresh fruits and veggies on hand for those grab-n-go moments. I have included a variety of options for those who do and don’t have food sensitivities.

kid snack summer

And remember, these aren’t just for kids :)


One of the top requested from my girls are Zucchini Muffins. Love that these have some veggies in them and can be made without nuts and are dairy free, soy free and a gluten free option. And double up the recipe and store in the freezer for lasting snacking.

Kinda Like Muffins are another huge hit around here and with friends. Another snack that can be changed up to your liking, with or without chocolate, with or without nuts. Perfect size for grab-n-go time and store in the freezer for long lasting. My kids will eat them straight from the freezer, I have yet to try them like that but they say they are tasty that way.  The Blender Pancakes have been a great snack lately, I double the batch and then store the remaining pancakes in the fridge.  They hold well for quick grab and go, and the kids pack them as snacks for school too.

Pesto Roll Ups are another quick lunch fix. I make pesto once in while and we will use it for the wraps. These are filling, flavorful and easy to make. The PBJB Burrito is another “wrap” the kids make, even though we may have bread, they prefer a tortilla most of the time. They will also just do PBB, which is peanut butter and banana rolled up.  Sierra’s Potato Salad is another addition to the lunches.  As well as Quinoa Salad.  My kids will pack these nuggets in their lunch with ketchup, yes cold packed.  Made with chickpeas which are a great source of fiber, carbs, calcium, iron, protein and vitamin A, which make for a great snack or some fuel for a workout., Chick’,LESS Nuggets.


Granola and granola bars are very convenient and come in many varieties in the store. What is not convenient is the ingredients. Avoid the unnecessary sugars and find something that is less processed.  Best to find other options, but if you are going to buy bars, I suggest, Lara Bars (read ingredients), Go Raw, Picky Bars and That’s It Bars.  Keep in mind when buying bars the less ingredients the better and where on the list the ingredient falls. They are intended to provide your body with fuel. Regardless of what you call them, it is wise to look at the ingredients to determine whether they are a nutritious choice or merely empty calories. Look for words (AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM) like brown rice syrup, agave, evaporated cane juice, cane sugar, corn syrup, soy oil, coconut sugar, raw sugar. These are glorified names for added sugars that are totally not necessary, buy organic if possible, as with anything, if you don’t recognize an ingredient don’t buy it.  Here are a couple I have made: Oatmeal Cookies , Dark Chocolate Granola Bars , Fallnola, Hangry Bars.

Whether you need something for school or sports, these Energy Bites and Raw Cookies and Hangry Bars are the bomb! They are a powerful package in a small bite and are such a better option than a sports bar. My husband packs these on his long bike rides and we keep them handy for our backpacking excursions as well.

The girls are always putting fresh fruit and vegetables in their lunch which are the largest portion of their lunch, whether it be a mini salad (fruit too), sliced apples, stone fruits, grapes, cuties, sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers and many other varieties.  Always have fruits and veggies packed in lunches.  Keep some of the favorites stocked, but also give them varieties to try because limiting to only their favorite will limit their body of vitamins and minerals.

An example of a hummus veggie wrap lunch


Cucumbers are a favorite around here, especially since we started growing our own. Kyla’s Cucumbers Snack and Mikes Mango Madness are popular with my kids and their friends. Even just sprinkling salt and pepper with the lemon is refreshing.

Hummus, it goes with so much, veggies, crackers, wraps or as a salad dressing with some balsamic stirred with it. There are many store bought brands and flavors. Downside, there is “stuff” in there that doesn’t need to be, like oil (soybean, canola, safflower). Hummus is fairly easy to make and you can find many recipes on the internet that do not use oil, citric acid, potassium sorbate, phosphoric, cultured dextrose or “natural flavors”. Here are some great hummus recipes to try.


Some of my favorite recipe makers have put together some suggestions:

Veggies Don’t Bite – Easy School Lunches

Dreena Burton – Tips For Lunches

Fully Raw – Lunchbox Ideas

Making sure you provide plenty of FRESH options will not only provide balanced nutrition for you and your children, but it will introduce making better choices.  The more that is accessible, the easier it will be. And sometimes the most simplest of items are all that is needed.



Quick Sauces for Veggie Noodles

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Yes, noodles made from veggies are something everyone should try but you will need a spiralzier and believe me, you’ll be happy you added it to your collection of kitchen gizmos.  I use mine a lot… a lot!  Once you use it, you want to spiralize everything!  The kids have fun with the creations and I have fun creating and finding some different flavors to try with them.  Here are a couple that are quick, easy and have minimal ingredients. You can either cook your zoodles for about 3-5 minutes depending on how al dente you prefer or you can leave them raw.  The potato variety noodles are better cooked :)

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Raw Cookies

There are so many variations to making raw cookies and I play around with ingredients often to see what we like.  This recipe is lightening fast and super easy to make. It does have nuts in it and since we are a family who eats nuts, I have not experimented with other ingredients. This took me less than 10 minutes to whip up and scoop out and put in the fridge. They are filled with wholesome ingredients to provide balanced nutrition as a treat, after school snack, 3:00 work lull, workout fuel, these are ready to consume for any occasion. Best of all, there is no oil, no dairy, no eggs, no salt, no butter, no refined processed sugars… AWESOMENESS!!

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Raw Cookie ‘Ice Cream’ Sandwich

The kids have been requesting cookies or ice cream. As much as I would love to bake cookies and use them for ice cream sandwiches, we are still having summer heat and using the oven is kinda avoided at any chance I can get :)  Even though we have another heat wave, the mornings are teasing us with enough coolness to get outside and run without feeling like I am going to melt, but it still gets hot quick and stays quite warm through the evenings. I came across this Healthy Chipwich recipe from The Colorful Kitchen and it looked so yummy. It is basically a raw chocolate chip cookie turned into an ice cream sandwich and so much better than those Toll House Ice Cream Cookies they sold when I was a kid. This just seemed to be a great test recipe for the after school kids on a hot day and it was, there was a lot of “oh my this is so good, it tastes like an ice cream sandwich” It was a bit sticky to the parchment paper than I anticipated and I wasn’t fancy with round cut outs but the end result was scrumptdiliumptous !

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Pad Thai Salad

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Always looking for ways to add more raw vegetables to our meals with out making the same type of salad each time. My visit to farmers is always a success and I look forward to using all the gems I come home with. The menu was planned for lettuce wraps but I needed to use some zucchini and as much as I wanted to make Zucchini Brownies, I had to focus on dinner. I came across the adorable Ilene at The Colorful Kitchen and found some recipes that I will be testing with the family and first up was her Pad Thai Salad. This dish is quite satisfying just on it’s own and quick and easy to make.

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Candy Bar Smash

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I have discovered my treat making has been a little excessive lately, but no one is complaining. Mostly because I have found and tweaked some really scrumptious recipes that I want to try and share them with my friends.My family are great taste testers, but our friends are truly good sports being the experimental testers.

My Kind of Rainbow

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a rainbow after a rain. The fresh crisp air is exhilarating and the rainbow in the sky just warms your heart. However, during the summer here it gets freakin HOT! we haven’t hit that time of year…yet! and this rainbow bowl brings smiles to every ones faces. This bowl