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PB & Yay!

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For the longest time I have been making Kinda Like Muffins for the kids. They are the ultimate grab-n-go snack and always stocked in the freezer.  Over time they have evolved into other creations by changing up the ingredients, but always using the dates, bananas and oats as the base.

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The Vegan 8’s Life Changing Pancakes

Whoa Nellie!!  Back it up, whip these pancakes up, and let’s just sit and mow these bad boys down!

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Oatmeal Cookies

Making cookies, I love making cookies!!  Making cookies (and all meals) without added sugar, oil, eggs, dairy and whatever else you find in cookies these days is always something I strive for.  I have made raw cookies a number of times and I see various recipes for ‘vegan’ cookies but some of them use coconut sugar, raw sugar or pure maple syrup and I do my best to avoid those ingredients but I have used maple syrup in various recipes.  No matter what added sugar you use, sugar is sugar.  There are far better options of course and I am doing my best to use those options.  These baked cookies are sweetened with dates which are a far better sweetener than packaged sugars. Using fruits such as apples and bananas are highly recommended as well when wanting to add some sweetness.

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Breakfast Muffins

This was one of the first “treat” recipes I came across that the kids asked me to make after the first test. I think it was the name that drew them to it.  The recipe I altered is called Muffin Tops. There was a lot of researching cookbooks and recipes to help start testing out