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Blender Pancakes

Since some mornings can be more hectic than others, who is a fan of anything quick to make and easy to clean up?  ME! ME! ME!…

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Vanilla Blender Ice Cream

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There is always room for ice cream, but not when it is full of artificial flavors and ingredients that don’t always settle well for everyone’s bellies.  Even better,  this plant based ice cream does not require an ice cream maker!!  I know not everyone likes bananas either, so I included one below, also check out this recipe , these options and these suggestions.  This vanilla ice cream is a quick and easy way to make a cool treat anytime.  It is delicious alone as well as a base to add in other ingredients to create some delightful flavors. There is prepping involved, freezing bananas.  Also, be sure any ingredients you add in are chilled as necessary.

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Breakfast Muffins

This was one of the first “treat” recipes I came across that the kids asked me to make after the first test. I think it was the name that drew them to it.  The recipe I altered is called Muffin Tops. There was a lot of researching cookbooks and recipes to help start testing out