Nature’s Candy Apples

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Alrighty, by now you have figured out that I like treats and I do my best to avoid using granulated industrial sugars of any kind.  I do use pure maple syrup and honey in some recipes and I am doing my best to reduce and eliminate those ingredients.  It is still sugar no matter how you perceive it, but a better alternative to industrial sugars. Dates are what I focus on using for added sugar.  These bites of heaven do more than satisfy a sweet tooth (and one does the trick!) they are packed with fiber, potassium, carbohydrates and magnesium that the body can digest easily.  They are great for sports, biking or running for a long duration.



Most people choose sugar in a form that is from a package and not from the produce section in the store. Sugars that are not from whole foods  provide nothing more than an empty void of nutrition, in an addition to it, long term health issues. Most people also associate carbohydrates as bad because of the choice of carbs they consume and not realizing that it is the sugar that hooks you. The rapid release of opiates to the brain and the molecules that rush into the blood stream, give the blood sugar a spike, then suddenly drops.  That creates an addiction to the body from the brain saying ‘give me more’, since the sugar is concentrated in calories. There are no other valuable calories/nutrients the body gets to feel full.

Where as foods like pasta, fruit, potatoes and beans release sugars slowly into the body.  However, the release isn’t the only aspect to consider, what you put on all of those foods (cheese, butter, oils, sour cream, etc.) plays a huge role in how your body absorbs and uses the nutrients. Toppings like those, will add fat calories that make people feel as though it was the carbs that made them gain weight.  Next time you grab a snack pastry, bowl of cereal, a sports bar/drink or juice, or chocolate treat, read the ingredients and count how many forms of sugars are in there, you’ll be surprised at where those grams of sugar come from.

I realize I went way off topic, but any information that I have learned that I can share is my passion and what gives me the feelz.  There is so much, it is very difficult to start.  So I just start and see where it goes.

Caramel apples or candied apples are not something my kids ask for, but they are a desired treat for most kids around certain times of the year. It just seemed like there are better options than the dairy, sugar filled layer that goes on something beneficial for your body,  But if you like the real deal, then go for it, it all comes down to choices and really, just eat what makes you feel good.  Don’t ever punish yourself for eating something that wasn’t good for you, just know that it happens and you learn from it.


Here is the quickest, easiest, most simple recipe of what took you here to begin with!


Apples: If it is just you, probably 1 apple.  You be the judgement of that :)
Dates: I use Medjool as they have been what I prefer. 1 date per four slices of apple seems reasonable.


Slice apple into slices of preferred size.  Slice dates in fourths.  Slightly press the dates onto the apple slices and enjoy!


I highly suggest reading some doctor based research such as Dr. Neal Barnard “Breaking the Food Seduction”, Dr. Greger’s immense resource website , watch documentaries like Forks Over Knives, What the Health, Eating You Alive or check out Dr. Colin Campbell’s library of articles.  You will not only find the bad of what you are eating, you will find all you need to know about the benefits of consuming more fruits, veggies, legumes and starches.

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