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Mashed Potatoes

Oh MY! These mashers are not just for the Holidays! But the holidays are upon us, so add this to your menu!  I made these last year for Ava’s classroom that did a Thanksgiving Feast at school and I somehow managed to volunteer myself for mashed potatoes, I don’t ever make mash potatoes. We are not a family who eats a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving meal but there are 3 family members who love mashed potatoes.  Because they were so simple and flavorful, I have decided that this is definitely a recipe to be made whenever mashed potatoes are part of a meal!

Brandi over at the Vegan 8 is genius with her minimal ingredient recipes and I love trying them out. We have had success with just about every recipe we have tried. I saw these come through and thought, perfect timing!! This dish is buttery and creamy and they do not have any of those ingredients in them!! Win Win!!

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I came across this quote on Pinterest the other day and when I saw it, it reminded me of many things, but mostly that we really need to remember that all it takes is a smile, saying excuse when needing to reach for something in front of someone else, saying please and thank you, giving a compliment big or small, promote compassion, letting someone move over into your lane, volunteer, a hug and even self-care. The list could go on and on but we all know how to be kind, why isn’t there more of it? Why do some people have a hard time showing it? It isn’t difficult, it is quite simple and easy. Share your daily kindness with us. For everyone has a story…

It doesn’t take much time or energy to be kind; share it, spread it, set the example, BE IT!

Your body, heart and soul will thank you.